As we head into a new year with what will, if we are lucky, be a continuation of a series of elections that will run throughout this decade that will probably decide the future and continued existence of our flawed constitutional and democratic system, the signs of an ever more…

As we continue through all the classics in the constellation Orion, here is the Running Man nebula, a reflection nebula with a ghost-like figure running through it. Can you see it?

16x4.5 secs; Lodestar Pro Mono; Starblast 114mm Autotracker; cropped

Here is an image of the iconic Horsehead nebula in the constellation Orion. When I first got interested in astronomy over 60 years ago, capturing an image of the Horsehead was a dream, or actually more like a pipe dream, requiring thousands of dollars in equipment and lots of patience. Today, largely due to the advancement of digital CCD and CMOS cameras, I could capture this image with basic equipment that cost a few hundred dollars. However, the Horsehead is still an incredibly difficult object to see visually, especially with today’s light pollution.

23x4 secs; Lodestar Pro Mono; Starblast 114mm Autotracker; cropped

Comet Leonard is a binocular object low in the south-southwest just after sunset these days. I managed to get a not very good photo of it as it passed in between tree limbs obscuring my view.

As a radical, illegitimate Supreme Court begins to unravel Americans’ most fundamental rights; as a fascist party whose attempted coup recently failed works to put in place the processes to guarantee one-party rule; as a corrupted judicial system with its brazen hypocrisy openly exposes itself as the purely political force…


Thoughtful discussions on politics and economics with some sidelights in photography and astronomy.

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