In June of 2020, as the pandemic took the first 100,000 American lives, George Packer wrote, “Every morning in the endless month of March, Americans woke up to find themselves citizens of a failed state…in prosperous cities, a class of globally connected desk workers dependent on a class of precarious…

NGC 55 is another spiral galaxy in the Sculptor constellation. At my latitude, it never gets very high in the sky and this shot was even taken through some thin clouds.

16x4 secs; LX Pro Mono; Starblast 114mm

I was hoping to have pictures of last night’s partial lunar eclipse, the longest in nearly 600 years, but clouds got in the way. By the time they cleared, the moon was no longer viewable from my location. So, instead, you get a rather poor picture of NGC 247, another spiral galaxy in the constellation Sculptor.

10x4 secs; LX Pro Mono; Starblast 114mm

The running joke about the analysis of last week’s elections is that, whatever the result, it definitely proved that the writer’s prior prescriptions for victory, whether followed or not, were definitively correct. This piece will be no different, just offered with a few more days of hindsight. The Democratic losses…


Thoughtful discussions on politics and economics with some sidelights in photography and astronomy.

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